Adobe After Effects

Powerful tool from Adobe for editing video files to a professional level of quality

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Adobe After Effects
Adobe After Effects CC 2014

Adobe After Effects is a post-production video editing and special effects tool from one of the most well-known and trusted digital product developers on the market. Users who already take advantage of the power of Adobe Premiere to do the brunt of their video editing will find After Effects an excellent companion software piece.

This software provides professional tools that are ideal for film, broadcast, or online and mobile content. After Effects has been upgraded to be part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, which operates under a subscription model as opposed to issuing licenses. One upside to this new model is that all pieces of Adobe software now seamlessly integrate with one another through this service.

An easy way to think about Adobe After Effects is to think of it as Photoshop for video. It has many of the same tools, but they have been adapted to work with motion imagery. The software also features tools that are only useful for videos, like the 3D Mesh Warp effect that offers video distortion.

After Effects has a rich online pool of plug-ins that come from third-party sources. These plug-ins expand the functionality of the software even further per your specific requirements.

The step-up to the Creative Cloud wasn't the only change given to After Effects for the newest version. Several new features have been added as well, including an advanced sharing system and the Live 3D Pipeline. This feature allows you to view scenes shot in CINEMA 4D as individual frames.

With the combination of Creative Cloud and Behance, your work can be shown to creative professionals wherever they may be. This allows you to get nearly instant feedback. Since all the software is available through the Creative Cloud, updates are instant and require no downloads. The newest features incorporated into Adobe After Effects include Masking and Tracking, Master Clip effect, Live Text templates, and a streamlined editing process.

Like just about any professional Adobe app, After Effects takes quite a bit of practice and time to master. It will take hours per day for several weeks before you even feel adequate with the software. Of course, the effort is well-worth the skill since you'll be able to produce professional-quality effects without the professional-quality price.

To maintain access to Adobe After Effects through the Creative Cloud service, you must maintain a subscription. While some have criticized the subscription model, it has undeniable benefits. Your projects are automatically backed up, and you can make changes on the go. The obvious downside is that you have to continue paying the monthly subscription price.

If you want to generate world-class special effects for any of your amateur or professional needs, Adobe After Effects is the way to go. This is especially true if you have the time and patience to learn the software.


  • Numerous Template Effects
  • Exceptionally Powerful
  • Several Available Plug-Ins
  • Creative Cloud Integration
  • Highly Organized Workflow


  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Requires Creative Cloud Subscription
  • Doesn't Support All Video Formats

Adobe After Effects Professional is a software that allows you to edit videos down to the frame and also allows you to render video.

Adobe After Effects Professional is a tool that many amatuer and professional video authors alike use to create their videos. Boasting much power, Adobe After Effects Professional allows you to do whatever you set your mind to. Do not think that this program is only for graphics/effects intensive work though, Adobe After Effects Professional is also the perfect program to use for your family videos and also for much smaller projects.

Adobe After Effects Professional's render queue is what makes it a choice between the other video editor competitors on the market. Adobe After Effect's rendering process is easily one of the best and least CPU/RAM intensive to currently be on the market. This makes rendering and creating your video a fast process, and even allows you to export to another program much faster than its competitors. Adobe After Effects Professional allows you to export in many different extensions, and also allows you to save your After Effects projects as .AEP files if you ever want to take a break and come back to work on your project.

Adobe After Effects Professional is easily the most effective and most powerful video editor compared to the others that are out along with it on the market. It comes installed with various different effects that are much more useful than anything that comes installed in Sony Vegas, and once the interface is learned, is far more powerful than any other video editor that is offered on the market. As a video editor myself, I put much more value in After Effects than any other editor.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Comes with many useful effects installed


  • User interface can be intimidating at first

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